17 May




Professional Wedding Photographer website Advice

  • Have a website and keep it up to date.
  • You site should have recent video highlights or some of your recent top wedding photography that you are happy with.
  • Write blogs about each project, or at least the ones online.
  • Some local city sight in the background can show browsers that you are in their city.
  • Have easy to read articles and solid information. Get ideas communicated as directly as possible. The interested couple should feel it all makes sense and will work out well.
  • Get to know wedding vendors and locations. This makes them easier to work with, and there is always something useful to learn from anybody. At the very least, you will look professional in front of the client if you already know the others they are working with. And it looks good it you can make recommendation s based on experience.
  • Find as many Sydney sites as possible that work for wedding shots. A familiar background makes all the difference.
  • Attend any trade shows, bridal show or anything relavent. The networking is worth it.
  • Have a Facebook page and keep posting highlights of you best wedding photography.

A separate business account on Facebook is an advantage; and use the ‘boost page’ feature to target engaged couples.