22 Mar



  • Some decorations can be bought second-hand, and flowers can be bought on line cheaply. Do spend some money on decorations you want to keep as momentous; buy other items second hand and sell afterwards.
  • When budgeting, concentrate on things that will be important when you look back. Photos and videos are permanent. Flower arrangements need only look good on the day.
  • Recruit friends to make decorations. If well instructed you will be surprised at how many invitations, placeholder, flower arrangements can be made on two afternoons with a few friends.
  • One venue for everything can be cheaper, include a lot of features, and save on transport between sites. But as with all package deals you get something fairly reliable, but a little inflexible.
  • Off season services are cheaper. The same wedding a month earlier or later may cost less.
  • Buy wholesale, buy bulk. This is one of the few times you will be buying in large quantities.
  • Hiring a photographer and videographer from the same company may get you a discount. They also tend to work together a little better.
  • Use the word ‘wedding’ and ‘honeymoon’ judiciously when booking hotels and services. Some people and some search engines charge more when they hear these words. On the other hand some hotel staff like to pamper the newlyweds and give a few complementary items, something that doesn’t happen at other times.
  • The wedding is a one off event, so spend a little more if you have to. You won’t get a second chance, and you can’t go back and change anything. If you need extra cash some credit cards give you an interest free period when you first sign up. Get a credit card for the wedding (or 2) and take advantage of this. Commit to paying it off in minimal time, but check out fine print!
  • Always priories the important and permanent over the temporary. Great photos, that great dress and souvenir decorations are there for your whole life. Think about what will be important when you look back at the event.
18 Mar


More than a few wedding cost tend to sneak up on us. Sometime there is a way around it, sometime we just have to budget the cost.


–           Stationary: Invitations, reply cards, save-the-day for our wedding notices, programmes for reception and the ceremony, tabling seating cards, than-you notes. Reliable, neat versions of all these cost about $800.oo, more if you hand-engraving, thermography of something more fancy.  You can cut costs somewhat by printing the seating cards and a few things yourself. It is possible to make quite a good ceremony program this way. Invitations and reply cards tend to be professional. Many people will save these as a souvenir. When deciding, picture yourself framing the cards, invitations and other printed material latter on; this helps you decide which ones are most important. Put some money of effort into what will be kept, like invites, and only be cheap with seat-markers and disposables.

–           Music: can go either way. An iPod through a sound system that’s already at the venue is dirt cheap. Hiring a sound system might cost $100-$200 if you just have a microphone with some music playback. If you want a DJ you can spend anything from $300 to $1000, and more if they are a minor celebrity. A band for the reception will cost about $3000 for an established act; make sure they know some of the songs that you want!

You might want classical musicians for the ceremony; these vary greatly, but finding a group of students from a local conservatory can be a good option; they will be eager to perform, but always audition them first. As they probably only play two or three songs for the ceremony, this is usually a simple matter.

–           The Bar. People will inevitably drink at receptions, and take advantage of what is on offer. If you offer everything, some individuals’ will insist on trying it all, and running up quite a tab. A cash bar where the guests pay for their own drinks is pushing it a bit, but offering two or three beer and cider options and non-alcoholic drinks for free, and then charging for more elaborate variations is probably a reasonable compromise.

–           The Food. We know about this, but the total cost will sneak up on us. $50 per head with 80 guests is four thousand dollars to start with. There’s also cake, drinks and other factors on top of that. Venues will probably charge for serving the cake fee even as it is supplied by someone else. Remember, caterers charge per head, but there may be a minimum headcount, and children might best be served something different.

10 Mar

Sydney Wedding and Videographer

The availability of inexpensive, good quality video equipment has made a video an expected part of any wedding day. This same technology has also raised our expectations on how good the final product should be. With good equipment and computer editing resources so readily available there should be no reason why the products shouldn’t look impressive. However, no equipment is better than the individual who operates it. Nothing can compensate if the original footage is lacking in any way.

The experienced professionals tend to get better results, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Occasionally a hobbyist with a little skill and study can produce a very respectable result; this is helped by the fact that film is now a subject taught at school. Unfortunately, a professional can occasionally be bad at their job, or simply have a very bad day.  Established companies that can show you examples of their work are usually the safest option.

It is quite possible that the engaged couple have certain ideas that they want in their video. Even if they don’t there will always be some elements of their wedding day that are different to any conventions. In all cases the matters should be discussed with the wedding videographer. The happy couple usually know what they want, and the videographer knows what may or may not be an issue in capturing the images they have in mind. Film factors as fundamental as lighting might not occur to some people, but any videographer knows how easily this can make or break a scene. This is reason enough to look at the venues in advance.

Music is often included when a video is edited together. Discuss this with the wedding videography people; music can change the overall effect of a scene, especially if its music that you like. Music that seems added as an afterthought can hinder an otherwise effective film. Discussing this in advance can prevent disappointment.

It is not uncommon to have two videos made of a wedding – a longer video with footage of the whole day, and a shorter ‘highlights’ version that can be sent to guests and relatives. The ease of DVD duplication makes videos a worthwhile gift. They may not be played very often (even as the parents of the bride might play it to every visitor) but with the little space taken up by a DVD they are well worth retaining.

Many companies can provide both photographers and videographers. As a combined service this make a lot sense as the two professional will be more apt at working together. It also makes it easier to include still images as part of the wedding video.

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