19 Jan

Sydney Wedding and Videographer

sydney wedding and videographer

The availability of inexpensive, good quality video equipment has made a video an expected part of any wedding day. This same technology has also raised our expectations on how good the final product should be. With good equipment and computer editing resources so readily available there should be no reason why the products shouldn’t look impressive. However, no equipment is better than the individual who operates it. Nothing can compensate if the original footage is lacking in any way.

The experienced professionals tend to get better results, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Occasionally a hobbyist with a little skill and study can produce a very respectable result; this is helped by the fact that film is now a subject taught at school. Unfortunately, a professional can occasionally be bad at their job, or simply have a very bad day.  Established companies that can show you examples of their work are usually the safest option.

It is quite possible that the engaged couple have certain ideas that they want in their video. Even if they don’t there will always be some elements of their wedding day that are different to any conventions. In all cases the matters should be discussed with the wedding videographer. The happy couple usually know what they want, and the videographer knows what may or may not be an issue in capturing the images they have in mind. Film factors as fundamental as lighting might not occur to some people, but any videographer knows how easily this can make or break a scene. This is reason enough to look at the venues in advance.

Music is often included when a video is edited together. Discuss this with the wedding videography people; music can change the overall effect of a scene, especially if its music that you like. Music that seems added as an afterthought can hinder an otherwise effective film. Discussing this in advance can prevent disappointment.

It is not uncommon to have two videos made of a wedding – a longer video with footage of the whole day, and a shorter ‘highlights’ version that can be sent to guests and relatives. The ease of DVD duplication makes videos a worthwhile gift. They may not be played very often (even as the parents of the bride might play it to every visitor) but with the little space taken up by a DVD they are well worth retaining.

Many companies can provide both photographers and videographers. As a combined service this make a lot sense as the two professional will be more apt at working together. It also makes it easier to include still images as part of the wedding video.

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