25 Jan



wedding makeup sydney

You will probably not be doing your own bridal makeup, but there are a few things you can do to help the artist who does your makeup for the big day.

  • A makeup trial is expected these days; you might want to try a few different options. Wearing a top that is the same colour as your wedding dress will give you a good idea on how the dress and makeup will look together.
  • If you haven’t done so already, search for some ideas online and show images of what you like to the makeup artist.
  • Some makeup artist used to allow pre-wedding photography at the makeup trial, but many found this didn’t really work out very well and no longer allow it. Taking a photo for later reference is probably a good idea.
  • If you are looking into artificial tanning remember to discuss it up with the makeup artist, and probably the dress maker. If your skin is a shade darker on the day it might change the whole look that the dress and makeup were aiming at.
  • Look into some good healthy ways to improve your skin for your big day. By this we mean good diet and exercise. As these things tend to be beneficial for your health in general you might want to keep up the good habits.
  • Remember that lighting will affect the look of you makeup. Most makeup artists and photographers are savvy to this, using non-reflective/matt foundation and flash photography where appropriate. It doesn’t hurt to raise the matter in advance.
  • Talk to the artist about what you might do with nail polish. It is a little counter-intuitive but when you have an elaborate dress the nail polish tends to be better if it doesn’t stand out. As with everything all the elements need to be co-ordinated.
  • If you are wearing jewellery, as most brides do, remember to factor this in, at least be showing a few photos to the dress and makeup designers.
  • Ask about a touch-up kit for the day; maintenance is important.
19 Jan

Sydney Wedding and Videographer

sydney wedding and videographer

The availability of inexpensive, good quality video equipment has made a video an expected part of any wedding day. This same technology has also raised our expectations on how good the final product should be. With good equipment and computer editing resources so readily available there should be no reason why the products shouldn’t look impressive. However, no equipment is better than the individual who operates it. Nothing can compensate if the original footage is lacking in any way.

The experienced professionals tend to get better results, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Occasionally a hobbyist with a little skill and study can produce a very respectable result; this is helped by the fact that film is now a subject taught at school. Unfortunately, a professional can occasionally be bad at their job, or simply have a very bad day.  Established companies that can show you examples of their work are usually the safest option.

It is quite possible that the engaged couple have certain ideas that they want in their video. Even if they don’t there will always be some elements of their wedding day that are different to any conventions. In all cases the matters should be discussed with the wedding videographer. The happy couple usually know what they want, and the videographer knows what may or may not be an issue in capturing the images they have in mind. Film factors as fundamental as lighting might not occur to some people, but any videographer knows how easily this can make or break a scene. This is reason enough to look at the venues in advance.

Music is often included when a video is edited together. Discuss this with the wedding videography people; music can change the overall effect of a scene, especially if its music that you like. Music that seems added as an afterthought can hinder an otherwise effective film. Discussing this in advance can prevent disappointment.

It is not uncommon to have two videos made of a wedding – a longer video with footage of the whole day, and a shorter ‘highlights’ version that can be sent to guests and relatives. The ease of DVD duplication makes videos a worthwhile gift. They may not be played very often (even as the parents of the bride might play it to every visitor) but with the little space taken up by a DVD they are well worth retaining.

Many companies can provide both photographers and videographers. As a combined service this make a lot sense as the two professional will be more apt at working together. It also makes it easier to include still images as part of the wedding video.

Look for Sydney Wedding Videography, wedding videographer, Wedding Video resources online.

18 Jan

wedding cakes Sydney

Like other aspects of wedding a wedding cake owes something to both art and tradition.  There is a tension here, but probably a good one. Art never exists in a vacuum. Rather, it makes something new out of the materials and influences of the past. A wedding cake can be original by using domestic and foreign traditions and the personal history of the happy couple. Any design that the couple finding appealing is worth considering.

As with everything we should consider what happens in the long term. How will the photo of the wedding cake look? I do hear a few people talk about how the cake tasted, but far more people talk about how it was decorated. This is reinforced by the number of people who latter see the wedding photos. The cake is meant to look good.

Of course the design should be remembered for all the right reasons; it should be impressive. Many people are still reasonably young when they marry, and may hold iconoclastic views, or still be attached to some passing fad. Consider how the photos of the cake (and of the whole wedding) will look in a few years’ time. The last thing you want is something that makes you cringe. If in doubt it is better to be a little more conservative. And remember that the idea is to be artistic and maybe a little innovative, not outrageous and countercultural.

In reality most people don’t design a wedding cake from scratch; they look at various other designs and ask for a few changes to be made. This is not a bad approach.

If the cake looks too good to eat, you’ve probably doing something right. Remember, this is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event; you don’t get a second chance. Feel free to be a little indulgent.

A Few Point to Remember:

– Make arrangements for your cake several months in advance.

–Beware of the weather. You might need to talk to the cook if the cake is to will survive a hot summer day.

–Find a tablecloth, table and decorations that match, compliment or somehow suit the cake.

–Some venues charge a ‘cutting fee’, ostensibly to cover the cost of extra plates and cutlery for cake. $2.oo per head isn’t unusual.

–The group that makes the cake should delivery it. Delivery is a tricky job, and mistakes are unthinkable!

–Some individuals may wish to keep their piece of cake. Little boxes are preferable to folded napkins (that remind you of children’s birthday parties). Unfortunately there is no way to know these things in advance.

–  Arrange for some really great photos of the cake.